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Typical Day At Brynn Marr Hospital

On a typical day here at Brynn Marr Hospital you can expect to have a variety of activities that keep you busy while allowing you to work on the skills you need to return to your home environment. While at Brynn Marr you will have an average of 6 psycho-educational and therapy groups per day. These range from process groups with a licensed therapist, including recreational therapy, to nursing groups to help understand medications and side effects better to goal setting groups with Mental Health Workers and psychoeducational groups where we educate our consumers on behaviors, triggers and coping skills. All of our groups are geared for the purpose of a successful transition back to your community environment.

In addition to the groups offered daily here at Brynn Marr you can expect to see a psychiatrist every day. During your one on one session with your psychiatrist you will discuss your current symptoms and how your current medications are helping you achieve your treatment goals.

While at Brynn Marr Hospital you will be assigned a Care Coordinator. Your care coordinator is responsible for helping you transition from an acute hospital stay to the community in a successful manner. This includes doing assessments with each consumer, contacting parents/guardians/collaterals to ensure that we have the most thorough information to help each patient achieve their treatment goals. Your care coordinator will also be involved in seeing each patient on a weekly basis, depending upon their length of stay, and providing opportunities for family sessions as needed for each consumer.

Here at Brynn Marr we encourage participation in all activities offered throughout the day as they are all geared to  helping you achieve your treatment goals.  We offer outside time when the weather permits in one of our many courtyards as well as time to journal and reflect on your day, giving you time to prepare for your next meeting with your psychiatrist or care coordinator. While we encourage you to participate we cannot force anyone to  participate in the many therapeutic opportunities that we have  on a daily basis, however a lack of participation could prolong your stay here due to not achieving your treatment goals.

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