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Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)

Passages is a secured, psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) located within Brynn Marr Hospital serving girls ages 12-17. Passages can help young girls who are exhibiting problematic behaviors associated with a psychiatric diagnosis and who are currently unable to live in a family or community setting due to severity of symptoms. While in treatment at Passages families can expect that their loved one be seen by a board certified child psychiatrist once per week. Additional therapies include group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy with a licensed clinician. Your child will also receive recreational therapy which will help tap into more creative ways of helping them develop the necessary coping skills to be more functional in their home environment. Passages also includes pet therapy and relaxation therapy for a more thorough approach to recovery.

While in the Passages program here at Brynn Marr Hospital your child will attend school, The Village Academy, with certified NC teachers who ensure that they are meeting each child at their level and helping them to improve their ability to function and perform in a school setting. The principle will be included and involved in all child and family team meetings for each child in the Passages program. This will help ensure that we are working towards the same goals and that your child is gaining important skills to help them function fully in a community setting. IEP’s are followed at the Village Academy.

The Passages program offers an incentive based phase system that will allow your child to navigate on their own time using the skills they are learning within the program to help them move up through the phases and complete a successful discharge from the program. There are four phases: bronze, silver, gold and platinum which are fluid and ongoing, meaning that your child can go up or down based on current behaviors and progression towards treatment goals. Your child’s therapist will work with them individually and in the group setting to help them realize and achieve their treatment goals. Once they have reached the platinum phase they are allowed to go on overnight Therapeutic Trial Visits into their home community to test the new skills they have learned outside of the Passages program setting.

Upon successful completion of therapeutic trial visits your child may begin discussing discharge planning with their treatment team!

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