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Adult Inpatient Psychiatric & Addiction Services

Brynn Marr hospital offers inpatient acute hospital services for adults who are suffering from severe symptoms of a psychiatric or substance use disorder. Our acute inpatient services give the opportunity for crisis stabilization and a decrease of imminently dangerous symptoms.

We offer individualized treatment planning for every patient that will include assessments and multidisciplinary treatment and goal planning along with the input of the patient and their family members that will help the patient achieve a level of functioning that is safe for his or her home environment. We also offer treatment recommendations for what the best and most appropriate level of care is for each consumer in our hospital. Your treatment team while you are here will consist of, at minimum, a psychiatrist, a nurse, a care coordinator and you. Because everything we do is individualized to the needs of every consumer in our care you are the most important part of your treatment team. You will assist your doctor and care coordinator in planning your goals to ensure they are meaningful and achievable to you. You will also be responsible for learning new ways to ensure your own safety while you are in our facility. Your treatment team will begin your discharge planning upon your admission as most of our acute stays are about 7-10 days. Remember, we are here for crisis stabilization and getting you to the appropriate level of care to help you remain safe long term within your home community.

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